Our Services


Sprinkler Installation

We can properly address the watering needs of your landscape, which will in turn save you money by perfectly watering these areas around your home.


Spring Turn On

It’s never too early to start thinking about Spring. Spring is the time we open your irrigation system for the coming season.



Winterizing your lawn sprinkler system will ensure that its components and piping are not damaged in the winter.


Landscape Lighting

Light up the night and create usable outdoor space through our innovative and eye-catching outdoor lighting systems

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If you are noticing excessive water buildup around your lawn or the foundation of your home, Lawn Management Sprinkler Co can solve this issue with an effective lawn drainage system


Backflow testing

Backflow testing examines the backflow preventers to ensure they’re working properly. We can test backflow preventers regularly so people can rest assured that they’ll work in case of an emergency.


Drip irrigation systems for window boxes are designed to allow water to slowly drip into the root system of plants.


Mid Season Checks

Your sprinkler system is working hard to provide beautiful, lush grass, but sometimes it could use an extra little boost.


System Servicing

Your system is working hard throughout the season and may need some adjustments in programming, the system itself might need some maintenance etc.