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Standing water in your yard after a rainfall is a problem. Areas of your lawn that remain wet for weeks after the rain has ended is a problem. Do you have downspouts emptying near your home’s foundation? All of these things can result in many problems for your home and landscaping including damage to your home’s foundation, damage to shrubs, and leaving your lawn a wet, muddy mess. In addition, wet areas in your lawn become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can lead to erosion of your top soil.

Helps Eliminate excess water in your yard

Winter is harsh on your irrigation system, winterization helps protect it against mother nature.

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Protects your house

A proper drainage system will move the wanter away from your house which can protect the foundation from cracking and other damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Drainage

Why do i need a drainage system?

Yard drainage helps divert water away from your landscaping and your home’s foundation and into the street, where it can’t do nearly as much damage. Depending on the layout and grade of your yard, there are varying yard drainage systems for you.

what are the downsides of not having a drainage system?

Standing water may appear in your yard. This not only creates dangerous and slippery surfaces, it also drowns your landscaping. Not to mention, standing water can be extremely unsightly. It also attracts mosquitoes.

Will a drainage system protect my plants?

Yes! A drainage system will reroute the water away from your landscape to the street or away from your house

SHould i get my drainage system checked during the year?


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