Mid-season System Check

Mid Season Sprinkler tune-up

Your sprinkler system is working hard to provide beautiful, lush grass, but sometimes it could use an extra little boost. A mid-season tune-up from Lawn Management Sprinkler Co. can ensure that your sprinklers are operating at maximum efficiency. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system and fix any issues that may arise. The best part is you won’t even have to lift a finger (or wave one around frantically in their direction)!

System main line pressure test

We make sure your system is operating at the proper PSI.

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Fine-tuning sprinkler head adjustments

We make sure that your sprinkler heads are operating exactly where they need to be. If they are not, we will fix it!

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Mid Season services

Why Do I Need an Irrigation System Check Mid-Season?

The hot summer months can create interesting challenges for your sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads can get mowed off. Miscellaneous construction projects can disconnect or damage underground systems. Plants have grown and are now blocking spray patterns. We make sure everything is taken care of!

What else can come with a mid season check?

We review all zones to check performance of controller, rain sensor, valves, and sprinkler heads.  We also make all adjustments needed for proper coverage of irrigated areas Reprogram controller for optimal efficiency

When should I get my mid-season check?

It is very important to have your mid-season check performed around July/August and/or if you will be away for your home and system for a length of time.

How many checks do i need a year?


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We serve the Greater Cincinnati area, including Miamiville, Terrace Park, Mason, Fairfield, Amelia, Montgomery, West Chester, Glendale, Dayton and more!


The Lawn Management Sprinkler Co also serves Northern Kentucky area, including Bellevue, Ft. Thomas, Covington, and Florence


We also serve Southeast Indiana including Lawrenceburg, Hidden Valley, and Bright.


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